Online advertising for a small business - with a difference

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We offer truly affordable advertising by providing you with a 'mini' website – FOR FREE!

We offer a simple, one-page mini-website for your business, charity or association, that gives you control over how your clients, customers, or members see you online.

We provide you with all three key factors for marketing a small business online:

  • Who you are - Your company name and identify
  • What you do - Explain what you can do, show your skills and experience
  • How you can be contacted - Your address, telephone numbers, receive email messages

Your mini-site is designed to include extra features that are catered for small businesses, such as your opening hours, regions of the country you work in, trade associations you are a member of, events that you are organising or taking part in.

It is accessible from any web-browser, and allows search engines (such as Google and Bing) to find you. It includes all the usual features you expect from a website, such as a contact page, google maps, picture galleries, social media links.

Signup now and help your business grow online. Show potential customers what you can do.

What do you get?

We offer a simple, fully operational, single-page dynamic web site, containing your information about your business. read more...

To put it simply... get a simple website with no bells and whistles, which you can look after to suit you.

All we ask is to allow us to have 2-3 adverts in your page. That's it!

It can contain as much information as you want. It could be a list of services you offer, or just a quick explanation and location of your business.

You can add a 'contact us' section, so your visitors can send you a message without you giving away your email address to spammers, or an image gallery containing your photos of the products you sell. It’s entirely up to you.

You can write blogs, news articles about your business market and special offers to promote your site and encourage people to visit your site.

The page is a proper web page that anyone, including search engines, can view.

We also offer a free online directory service that offers visitors to find your pages in a fast and simple way. Have a look and try for your self.

You have a complete content management system, a control page, that helps you create, edit and control your account and pages. It requires no technical knowledge or experience. You just click on the menu item and following the instructions.

What we don't do
  • We DO NOT give you your own domain name ( Instead, we gave you a unique URL (eg.
  • We DO NOT have telephone support (email only, but we try to respond quickly)
  • We DO NOT have a sales team to try to sell you things
  • We DO NOT sell your details on to other companies or spammers (your personal information is personal)

But you already have a website?

Just because you have a website it does not mean you should stop there. How do people know about it? How do you get people to visit it? Google? Shouting from the rooftop's? Hope? read more...

Search Engine Optimisation works by three things; Getting the right keywords, that matches your text on the pages of your site and other websites that link to yours!

You will get you to the top of search results and be noticed by getting as many websites to link to you that are rated as trustworthy by Google and have the right content.

Having just one website isn't enough.

You can specify you website here on your mini-website. This will improve your SEO on your own site.

Sign up now. It will only takes between 10 and 20 minutes.


You get a complete, fully functional website, managed by us, that is available for anyone to see. read more...

You get a complete website, inside our portal MLSB and includes the following features:

  • Your own website
    fully web compliant
  • Your company details
    all about your business - unlimited amount
  • Contact details
    address, telephone etc – including opening hours, online contact form and areas of the country
  • Picture Galleries
    show pictures about your business and products etc
  • News Articles
    write about your new products and show-off your expertise and knowledge
  • Calendar Events
    write about upcoming events you are organising or taking part in
  • Completely FREE
    ad supported

New features are planned and will be available very soon.

Promote Your Business

Help your business grow online. Show potential customers what you can do. read more...

We are:

  • Fast
    You can it up and running inside 20 minutes.
  • Easy
    Just type in your details and choose what you want. No technical skills required.
  • Flexible
    Add what you want, with lots of different features. More planned soon.
  • Completely FREE
    ad supported

New features are planned and will be available very soon.