Terms and Conditions

General FAQ's

  1. Q. Do you use Search Engine Optimisation techniques?

    A. Generally speaking yes, all your pages, once published are available so Google and other search engines can crawl through them. It is up to you to make sure the content in the pages and the description and the keywords provide enough for the search engines. We normally try to tidy up your content to make it more readable.

  2. Q. Can I sell my products on the site?

    A. Of course, just create a page that shows details of the products/services you are selling. We do not offer an e-commerce system yet, though we are working on it.

  3. Q. How does it work?

    A. You sign up and enter in all your business details and your get your own control page. The control page is made up of sections to access different parts of your account or show information about your account. Our server shows the your information in web pages as a 'mini-website'.


  1. Q. Who can create an account?

    A. Almost anyone in the UK. It is designed for bussinesses but any organisation or individual in the United Kingdom can create an account.

  2. Q. Why UK only?

    A. Currently, only UK based businesses can create account due to various logistical and legal reasons. We would like to allow anyone from outside the UK in the future but our business is very small and has limited time to work on it for businesses outside the UK.

  3. Q. Is it really free for good?

    A. The only price you pay is the agreement to the terms and conditions and having unrestricted adverts at the top and bottom of each page you have.

  4. Q. How long does my account last for?

    A. As mentioned when you signed up, the account is free. It does not have an expiry date so it is there for as long as you want it. Though please remember your content in the pages must adhere to the terms and conditions, so the account could be disabled or removed at any time if you break these conditions. We may disable your account if messages are bounced back from your email address - ie. your email is no longer valid (please ensure your email address is upto date).

  5. Q. How do I cancel my account?

    A. If you no longer require your account just disable it, or contact us and we will mark it for deletion, it will be automatically deleted after 3 months.

  6. Q. Can I suspend my account?

    A. No, but you can stop your pages being published in the 'home' section, under 'Put Wesbite Offline'.

  7. Q. Can I have multiple accounts?

    A. Yes, though your will need to sign up each time as they will be treated as separate accounts. You will need a different user name and nick name.

  8. Q. How many pages do I get?

    A. You are given up to a maximum of 5 pages, including the initial page when you signed up. You can not delete this initial (home) page but you can edit it and/or create new pages to suit.

  9. Q. Can I find out how many times my website has been visited?

    A. Yes, click on the 'view statistics' in the 'marketing' section and you can view a basic count of each page based on 1 day through to the day you started. There are plans to expand this later.

Pages/General Use

  1. Q. How do I add more pages?

    A. When you first sign up you are given a basic 'general' page. You can change it or add other pages. If you click on the 'pages' section you are shown a list of currently available pages (probably shows just the first basic (general) page initially). The bottom of the page list shows a count of pages created and how may you have available. Next to this are some buttons to create a new page. Each of these buttons will create a different type of page. Click on one of these buttons to activate the page editor for a new page. Remember to click on the 'save changes' at the bottom of the page editor.

  2. Q. How do I edit an existing page?

    A. Click on the 'pages' section where you are shown a list of currently available pages. Click on the title of the page you wish to edit. This will active the page editor and show you a list of fields (edit boxes) that makes up the content of the page. Remember to click on the 'save changes' at the bottom of the page editor.

  3. Q. How do I change my contact details?

    A. After you have logged in, click on the 'accounts' section. There are areas that split your account details into business, contact details (yourself) etc.

  4. Q. Why doesn't my changes appear in the directory?

    A. Firstly, we need to authorise your account (ensure you have adhered to the terms and conditions) - this may take anything from a few hours to two days, depending on how busy we are. Secodnly, make sure you have clicked on the link in the confirmation email we sent you. If you haven't received one please check the email is correct in the contact area in the control page or email us for help.

  5. Q. How do I add images in my pages?

    A. You can create your own gallery (in the 'resources' section) and then create a Gallery Page (in the 'pages' section).

  6. Q. How do I get my address to appear automatically on my pages?

    A. In the 'page' section, click on the page that you wish to have your address displayed and scroll down to 'Include Contact Details in the Side Area' and check it. Also, check each contact field you want to have displayed. Remember to save your changes at the bottom.

  7. Q. How do I get contact you for customer service enquiries?

    A. To keep our costs low we only provide an e-mail only customer support facility. You should get a reply within 24 hours.

  8. Q. Why has my pages disappeared from the directory?

    A. There could be many reasons why this has happened, though if there is no mention of your business at all, then the keywords (tags), location, or other details may have changed or do not match. Another reason is your account may be disabled. Remember that your pages need to be authorised by us just after you have signed up. If you have just signed up in the last 2 days please be patient.

  9. Q. How do I create a gallery?

    A. A gallery group is used in the general page (as a set of images shown one at a time) and in the gallery pages (shown in a grid or list). Before you create a gallery page you first need to create a gallery group. Click in the 'manage gelleries' in the 'resources' section. This will show a list of gallery groups created so far.

    A gallery group is normally added for up, but with no images. Click on this New Gallery group. This will activate the gallery group editor. It will ask you for the name of the group. Try 'My Gallery' or 'List of services' etc, and then click on the Save Changes button. You should now be back in the 'gallery' tab in the control page.

    You should see a button called 'new item' - click this. It will now ask you for the details of the image you want to add to the gallery group. All the details are optional except for the image file (GIF, PNG and JPEG files are accepted up to 2 mega bytes in size).

    A proper title for the image should also be entered (though not important). Click on 'Save Changes' and you have now uploaded the image and added it to the gallery group. Repeat this until you have added all the images you require and click on cancel to return to the control page. You now have a set of images that can be used in a gallery page or general page. Create a new page (see Question 4 and 5 for details) or edit an existing general or gallery page to link the gallery to the page. The page editor will ask you which gallery to use from a drop-down list.

  10. Q. Can I change the way my website looks like?

    A. Yes, the look of your website (background images, colours and style) is called a theme. Click on the Change Theme button. Try out as many themes as you like until you find the one you like. Some are only suitable depending on various circumstances (your content, business name, number of pages etc).

  11. Q. Can I add scripts or other 'special' features that are available elsewhere?

    A. Yes, in a simple way. If you have the code available, you can paste your own code in your pages when you are editing your pages - you will need to find the small HTML button in the toolbar of the main content area (looks like a word processor toolbar). Please be careful as it may lead to adverse issues on your page. If you have any issues with this please contact us.